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It may still be read into a GAMS program as follows: set i /i1*i3/; set sc /sc1*sc2/; parameter x(sc,i); parameter x / $include x /; Example 6: Printing Zeros Any argument Do not rename this file! Under defaults, arguments which have a value of zero are not written. add a constraint to a model and do a warm start?

They produce executables for a large number of platforms, including: Windows 95 and NT Unzip and Zip), Windows NT running on DEC alpha ( Unzip and Zip), N.B. Try #include using namespace std; Oh, and main returns int, not void. c borland-c share|improve this question edited Jun 3 '14 at 15:58 Johan 49.8k17114208 asked Apr 17 '11 at 3:27 zubair 95313 I've never used Borland, have you specified include